Architectural Design & Planning

It requires a creative mind to imagine, an analytical mind to rationalize, and talent to give form to architectural solutions or concepts.
However, technical background, experience and know-how, combined with a sense of responsibility, are necessary to translate them to reality. 
Vazken K. Chekijian

“VKC DESIGN AND PLANNING established in 1975 and over the decades, the firm has Planned, Designed and Managed projects of diverse functions and character, from Residential, Commercial, Public, Sports, Leisure and Educational facilities.   
VKC has gained particular experience in the design and planning of low-mid rise mixed-use multi-family Residential compounds with Retail and Commercial Plazas in urban and suburban settings.
VKC under the direction of architect Vazken K. Chekijian, a group of competent architects, engineers and staff equipped with Computerized  aided design technology and advanced software, carry out the design work to its completion, with management over-sight from Pre-Design feasibility to conceptualization, design development stages through to completion.
VKC has been a strong proponent for decades in the campaign for energy conservation and environmental preservation, by incorporating Solar Heating, in many of its residential designs with measurable benefits in conservation of natural resources.

Sports equipment & Accessories
Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.

VKC’s pro-active philosophy and culture has made it the catalyst in complimenting
and propelling change, and in this 21st century of ours where the three most important factors in a successful development have more become “Economics, Economics & Economics”!,  control and flexibility in managing the variables has become the key for win-win outcomes.
VKC’s team approach is its unique competitive advantage. Being that the property development sector in any country is a good leading indicator of a country’s economic health, and as it draws on so many trades in its process such as Developers, Investors, Bankers, Architects, Engineers, Suppliers, Contractors, Attorneys, Agents, Occupiers… all getting actively engaged in the enterprise, all striving to benefit from and contribute to the success, and in turn contribute to the overall economy, which is our mandate and imperative, to make developments a team event, where the team wins.

The Director

Vazken K. Chekijian (Owner-Director) is a professional architect from the American University of Beirut, a member of the Order of Architects and Engineers.
He has designed many projects of various characters and functions in Lebanon over the past 40 years: Residential, Commercial, Educational, Sports, Institutional-Public, Banks…
He introduced Solar water heating system in multi-storey residential buildings as balcony elements in 1982.
He is the first to design multi-storey parking building in Lebanon in the recently designed St. Jacques Plaza.                                


VKC’s long term performance, in number and scale of projects, depth of experience and achievements has merited architect Vazken K. Chekijian and VKC Design & Planning the recognition as “First Class in Design of Buildings” by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works, qualifying VKC as a  resource for the Planning & Design of large scale or important projects.

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